08 June 2008

A completed project

Amanda and I purchased kits for peacock chairs last year. Needless to say, Amanda finished hers some time ago. I have just finished mine, and have been able to make use of some of the improvements Amanda thought she would try if she ever made another one.

It has turned out quite well, and I am pleased with it, and even more pleased that it didn’t take too long to do.

I have used very little glue to construct it, most of it is just stitched together but it is still quite solid. By stitching the base parts together, I have been able to just insert the drawer and its surround without any glue. I trimmed the cardboard somewhat and it now all closes much better.I replaced the original feet with some flat sided beads and these are glued on.

Now to get back to one of my other projects and get something else nearer completion....