11 October 2008

My Family History project

My latest embroidery project is a combination of family history and embroidery. Mum has given me some school sewing samples created by my favourite aunt when she was at primary school over the years 1909 to 1913.

The early samples had all been carefully and lovingly sewn onto a piece of fabric for display and many pieces are dated. There are 19 actual sample pieces.

I decided that my children knew & loved her too, and that keeping these samples out of sight for another long time wasn’t doing them justice. So I am building on my previous work in creating fabric books and have begun to create a fabric book for them.

My great aunt was a prolific letter writer, so she has written her life story for me. This became even more special when Halley’s Comet appeared, as at that time my daughter was 10, and Aunty Hilda had been 10 when she saw it for the first time. So she wrote to Amanda and described what school was like when she was 10. There are many references to her school sewing in that, so I have decided to use these to add interest to the samples in the book.

I am making slow but steady progress. I have made templates from calico and tacked these where the final samples will go, so as not to damage the samples while I work. I think the samples may need careful washing before they are added to the book, but many have their completion dates written on them in pencil, so I will stitch these dates before washing any pieces.