11 September 2009


Midas has become a cat burglar. Going over the wall (dividing fence) to the neighbours and returning with a new cat toy from inside their house. He is rapidly losing his inside cat habits; although as he has face-offs with other cats and dogs in the neighbourhood, he is beginning to restrict his movements to our yard and the neighbours. The neighbours say that Midas has taken over their backyard having driven their cat into submission.

Last Sunday, we went to Birmingham via Blenheim Palace returning on Monday following Errol's interview via Stratford-on-Avon. Blenheim Palace with its enormous grounds is quite spectacular. We could understand why locals and visitors simply go there to walk in the grounds as though it were a public park. Since our day pass was upgraded to an annual pass for free, we plan to visit again especially since it isn't far out of the way when travelling between Thatcham and Birmingham. They have a bike day on 4 October so we are planning to register and attend that. Maybe get the grandchildren there as well.

Stratford-on-Avon was very busy but a nice spot to stop for lunch. Although we walked the main street past Shakespeare's birth place, we didn't go through. Last time,we visited Stratford-on-Avon was in 2000 and it was a Sunday evening when everything was closed. It was good to be there when the place was busy.

Errol's interview in Birmingham has delivered a good birthday present for Marilyn with a job offer coming through late yesterday. The position is for nine months and is a teaching focused role in the Computer Science department of the university. We now need to plan the shift and organise accommodation. Marilyn has some job applications in around Oxfordshire so we are not wanting to purchase a house until Errol has a more permanent position or we are clear where Marilyn will be working.