14 November 2009

Midas and a Mouse in the House

Midas is resettling to being an indoor cat and returning to some of his old friendly ways. The outdoor life may have been agreeable but it did foster some not so friendly behaviour. One new habit is to sit near the top of the stairs looking through the banister to watch everybody's movements in the house. From here, he can see into the two main downstairs rooms and he has guard over the upstairs rooms.

However, last weekend, we had a visit by a very small mouse. Reminded me of the field mice in story books. Of course Midas drew our attention to our small visitor, initially trapping him behind our living room door. The mouse made his escape to under the very new sofa when Errol closed the door to investigate what Midas was doing and the chase began. Admittedly, we wanted the mouse out of the house but even with doors open Midas was too interested in the mouse to notice the chance for an outside run. After about half an hour and with a little assistance through lifting the sofa, Midas had his catch still alive and hanging by its tail from Midas' mouth. He carefully carried it to the conservatory where he attempted to play with it but it made its escape to hide in the packing boxes. It was unceremoniously released back into the back yard where it scampered for cover in the fence line never to be seen again!!!!

This says a lot for the excitement in our lives. Errol survived the day with the grandchildren although it was hard work given the very unpacked state of the house at the time. He did have a good time playing Lego and walking a nature park with them. They have visited again since and Marilyn will be going down to look after them while Amanda is away on a business trip next week.

The house is becoming a little more settled with a sofa in our tiny living room and a computer desk upstairs in our office/sewing room. The dining suite is ordered but is still to appear. We now have a land line phone and cable broadband internet access. Internet telephony works really well over the cable. It makes a big difference to our ability to communicate with friends and family back in the old country (NZ).

We went to a local church on Remembrance Sunday where they sang the national anthem (God save the Queen). We didn't know the second verse and the hymn book actually had a third. As we left, the minster commented that we were visitors from the far-side. Apparently, everyone has great trouble distinguishing between Australian and New Zealand accents.