20 March 2010

Establishing a routine

We are now both into regular work routines although Marilyn's early and late shifts mean organising activities around her work requirements. There is an hour and a half change in start/finish time each week, which means we are either in a hurry in the morning or having a late meal in the evening.

Errol is completing his second term assisting the teaching of Computer Science at University of Birmingham. This term Errol has been responsible for a Team project course in which the students are writing computer games. The students decided on the type of games that they wanted to write so there is quite a diversity of games. There are five tutors assisting Errol and eighty students in the course. The final demonstrations happen next week so it will be interesting to see the results.

Errol has also assisted as a commissaire, his first cycling event here in the UK. It was on a purpose built closed circuit of about a kilometre round. The event had a number of races during the day. Apart from observing the chief commissaire completing the various forms associated with the event, he assisted with tracking the progress of the races. A crash in one of the races meant all the finish line judges had to reassess the race positions and when they are coming round in a little over a minute, you have to be watchful. Errol will have his second event tomorrow.

Marilyn's work is not demanding in terms of decision making or independent thinking, but it is constantly busy in responding to the needs of other staff members from all across the country. She is in a small team with friendly colleagues, so it is a pleasant place in which to work. This week everyone in the office has been involved in participating in events for Sports Relief, culminating with some Wii tennis championships and skiing machine races in the main reception area. The firm promotes community involvement so our section will be spending a couple of days in May helping at a local urban farm.

On the family side, we met up at Amanda and Phillip's two weekends in a row to help relay a patio to prepare their house for sale. They move to Texas mid-year. Amanda, the children, and Paul visited us at short notice another weekend. This was an excellent day of relaxing together and continuing to build relationships with the grandchildren. The visit came about because the children wanted to come and see us, and Paul wanted to use a sewing machine for more creative costuming!