17 April 2010

Life of contrasts

We are slowly becoming more settled with the buying of a bed base so we could shift our bedroom upstairs and create a lounge downstairs. We are now looking at bedroom furniture so that at least our clothes will be put away instead of occupying shifting boxes.

While we have been working towards being more settled, we have also been helping Amanda and Phillip make progress on their preparations for shifting to the US hopefully in May. We spent Easter down with them taking the children to Winchester while they shifted stuff around for the decorator to start work on Easter Monday. They have come to the end of the second week of the house being decorated in preparation for sale.

While Phillip and Amanda wait for their visa for Phillip to work in the US, we wait for Marilyn's residency visa so we can take holidays outside the UK. Since Errol has a paper accepted for a conference in Turkey for late June, we are looking at a cross land trip through France, Italy, and Greece to the conference.

We both wait for news of extensions to our contracts. Marilyn's looks more definite than Errol's but we know that the university needs teaching staff for next year. The problem is that it is still not permanent work so Errol is monitoring the permanent positions and sending off applications. Although he has had some interviews, none have turned into offers.

We took an opportunity to explore Ironbridge just outside Telford in Shropshire when Errol assisted as a commissaire for a road race. This area is the heartland for the development of industry in the UK so it was an interesting expedition. The area had lots of little caf├ęs and seemed quite popular on a clear spring afternoon.