27 August 2011

A knight's day out: Kenilworth

English Heritage organised a jousting day at Kenilworth Castle. Conveniently, it was on Errol's birthday. We have been to Kenilworth a couple of times. Once to explore the castle and the other exploring the centre of town. Paul came up from Milton Keynes and a number of the Peacechurch families also came along so it was a great day out.

During the day, we watched a woman falconer, observed the knights do some training exercises, and of course observed the jousting. The knights were in full armour. The parts of the armour were explained to anyone interested as they dressed for the joust.

As usual, Errol got out the camera and tried to capture some of the better moments. Having done some photography courses, he tried to capture the atmosphere of the event and not just a record of the event.